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Advanced 3D Manufacturing

Prototypes direct
from the printer

Metal 3D printing means that we can manufacture extremely complex parts from almost any weldable metal alloy in record time and at optimum cost – using your product's 3D data.

The principle used is “Selective Laser Melting"

The required parts are built up additively from metal powder with no need for forming or for tools. At our own production facilities we use a powder material, which is applied in a thin layer onto a base plate, where a laser beam fully melts it. Once the first layer of material has solidified, we repeat the process with a fresh layer of powder until the component is ready. The software takes the data it needs to guide the laser directly from the component's 3D data.

The advantages for you

  • Less material required – no chip waste
  • Resource savings because the component is up to 50% lighter
  • More efficient – up to 24 units can be manufactured at the same time
  • Data preparation and engineering by experienced ARNOLD design engineers
  • Development time cut by 60 - 80%
  • Meticulous quality assurance

See for yourself:
This is how Advanced 3D Manufacturing works

Metal 3D printing made by ARNOLD means that it is possible to make technical innovations, speed up project implementation, and reduce costs.

Uwe Wolfarth, Senior Director
Research & Development/Licencing

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