ARNOLD Digital

Digital Engineering

Your complete system for accurate engineering design and configuration

Digital Engineering is a series of high-performance digital tools used to configure, calculate, and simulate. The aim is to achieve greater efficiency and reliability. Simply choose from our range of tools the solution or combination of tools that will best suit your particular needs.

ARNOLD Fast Creator

Generates 3D CAD data for fasteners

Fast Designer Metals

Calculates the assembly and strength behaviour of screw fastenings made directly into metal.

Fast Designer Plastics

Determines assembly and strength behaviour in screw fastenings made directly into plastics.

Fast Designer Metric

Calculates assembly and strength behaviour in metric screw fastenings.

Corehole tool

Configures coreholes for thread-rolling screws.


Uses regulations, calculation rules and standards to design components with strength verifications.

Finite element simulation

Calculates stress and deformation under a very wide range of static and cyclical loads.

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