ARNOLD Digital

Ultrasound measurement technology

Securely calculate clamping forces in advance

ARNOLD’s pre-clamp load ultrasound measurement determines the run-time difference of an ultrasound pulse induced on a loaded and unloaded screw. This means that reliable measurement of clamping forces in the original application can be achieved.

Measurements made using the pulse-echo-procedure

With this measurement system, an ultrasound impulse generated by a piezo element passes through the fastener, and is then reflected back as an echo. A measuring instrument captures the echo and accurately calculates the impulse time which is specific to the screw, and which increases linearly as the screw tightens in the elastic range. A comparison of the pulse times before and after tightening the screw – taking further factors into account – can provide conclusions about the clamping force.

The advantages for you

  • Measurements can be made on original screws
  • Problem-free measurement possible at several screw positions
  • Options for long-term investigations and field tests
  • No extra part lines

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